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Other Artwork

Anatomy of a Muscle Fiber

I created this work using simple blank computer paper  and graphite pencils. This piece took a total of 45 minutes to complete. You can see the  different  parts of a muscle fiber that are attached to a bone.


*On my social media account, this post received over 300 likes in one week!

Joints of The pelvis

Since we are on the current theme of human anatomy, I'd like to introduce this piece. This is a human pelvis with all of the parts identified and labeled.  This took me a total of 10 minutes to complete and shade.

The only difficulty I had with this was the size of the paper. That is the only reason the image looks stretched.

The Arachnid

This is a little different. I began studying animal anatomy including that of insects...and arachnids. I personally liked working on this piece due to the subject and shape.  Spiders can be creepy, but this is just a drawing.

The Worm Man

This might be one of the weirdest pieces of artwork I've ever done. This is a leg-less creature( a worm) with human characteristics. I had a random idea of a groovy man with strong arms. I put a lot of detail into the arms and human face of the character.

*This took me 15 minutes to complete.

Chest/Torso Anatomy

This Here's another anatomy piece. I was studying the human torso and chest. Like much of the other artwork, I used graphite pencils and sketch paper . The muscles of the Chest and stomach are shown here.

Anatomy of bones in the hand

The title says it all. I was doing a bit of research about human hands and decided to do a little practice. I tilted the side of the graphite to give off a sense of lighting and shadow.

Scorpion Girl

Talk about creepy. This is one that might keep you up all night. It's a girl who's had one too many surgeries. With her pincer tail, she can put you six feet under!

*Drawn using graphite pencils and blank paper.

Mai Hirasaki: Light Fist

This is a drawing of one of my original characters named Mai Hirasaki. In this pose, she's throwing a punch empowered by energy.


I love to practice sketching realistic humans ; Not only is it great practice, but it can show off the skills and talents of said artist. I'm very proud of this piece.

"She's reaching out"

Whenever I come across an old magazine, the first thing I'm tempted to do is recreate the image on the cover. This woman is a supermodel who is promoting a Christmas line of feminine gifts. I tried to imitate the lighting and fluidity of her dress.

Mai Getting Punched

Here's a art piece of one of my character's getting attacked over a candy bar. This is originally from an old idea I made into a animation. Within two days, I used Autodesk: Sketchbook to make this.

As of right now, that is all of the available artwork.

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