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3D Modeling Artist

Lax Syndicate

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Introducing Lawrence Marks III

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2D Art and Sketching

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 I can perform both traditional and digital drawing using 2D rendering software (Adobe animate, Photoshop CC, Autodesk Sketchbook, and Gimp.) and basic pencil with paper.

3D Modeling/Rigging

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Editing and Film

Creator from Birth


Even as a young child, I was all about being creative. In elementary school, you could find doodles and sketches  on my school papers. Throughout middle and high school, I began making animated shorts and flash games on the internet. Though I gained fans who enjoyed my work, I still wanted more. This is why I began to study at Wake Tech. Thanks to  the Simulation and Game Design Program, I learned new techniques, software, art styles, and made plenty of great connections. Currently I have a YouTube channel with well over 1,000 subscribers, and to this day it's still growing! I mostly upload my animated work and parodies of popular anime.

"If something  doesn't work, go within it, change things around and try again."

Brandon Crews

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