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2017-01-26 (4)
Busy as always

Introducing Lawrence Marks III



Creator from Birth

Even as a young child, I was all about being creative. In elementary school, you could find doodles and sketches  on my school papers. Throughout middle and high school, I began making animated shorts and flash games on the internet. Though I gained fans who enjoyed my work, I still wanted more. This is why I began to study at Wake Tech. Thanks to  the Simulation and Game Design Program, I learned new techniques, software, art styles, and made plenty of great connections. Currently I have a YouTube channel with well over 1,000 subscribers, and to this day it's still growing! I mostly upload my animated work and parodies of popular anime.

"If something  doesn't work, go within it, change things around and try again."

Brandon Crews

Skills and talents

2D Art and Sketching

I am very experianced in 2D art and sketching by hand. I have always enjoyed drawing and expressing myself in a creative fashion. I can perform both traditional and digital drawing using 2D rendering software (Adobe animate, Photoshop CC, Autodesk Sketchbook, and Gimp.) and basic pencil with paper.

mai 17(punch).png

Sketch of my original character cocking back a punch.

A man being haunted by a spooky goul.

Realistic Son Goku

Another original character: Quin Moore.

3D Modeling

Here's an anatomy drawing of a human Cranium

An explosive Barrel

A weapon modeled in Maya, and textured using Substance Painter 2.0

A bear modeled using Maya, and textured with substance painter 2.0. Its Deadpool Bear!

 A 3D model of Mai Hirasaki made in blender.

In one of my classes, I recreated an entire level from the popular first Person shooter "Doom". (By John Ramaro) I used png sprites for the enemies, items,weapons,power-ups, and characters. I did this entirely using Google SketchUp.

Rigging 3D Models

I possess great experience in the field of 3D rendering. I have taken several classes pertaining to the field. I can model characters, objects, vehicles, weapons, and with time, environments. I typically use Autodesk Maya for 3D modeling, but sometimes I use Blender.

Very recently, My time has been devoted into Rigging 3D models. To "Rigg" a 3D model, is to create bones, controls, and constraints to move the character in an organic way. This can be done in most 3D rendering software, but I primarily use Autodesk Maya. I can create IK handles, (IK stands  for Inverse Kinematics) controls, constraints, aim constraints, and parent constraints.

This here is my Demo Reel of my rigging projects. There is a quadruped, biped, superhero, face, and a ugly character.


 My designed blob

Having created and published several animations on the web, I have had more than a little  experience with animation. Mostly I tend with 2D digital animation , and traditional hand drawn animation. I began animating in middle school around the age of 13. The first animation I created was a short called "The Sale". It was about a girl selling a nutcracker at a yard sale. I have also tried my luck at 3D animation using Autodesk Maya. I can animate characters, objects,backgrounds, and effects. I can animate mostly humanoid characters in 3D. This includes superheros.

A screenshot from "Broly at the Grocery Store." This is currently the most popular video on my YouTube channel.

3D Demo Reel

This a Demo Reel of all the projects I've worked on in 2018. These include a Rube Goldberg, Cycle Animation, Facial Expressions, and a Lip Sync Animation.

Vending Machine Melee

Here's a cartoon I made a few months back, It's about two girls who fight over a candy bar.

One of the earliest animations I've made. It's of an original character I created name Essha. I used her for a silly .swf game I developed.(Delayed Sword)

Video Editing

Having a large body of work is pretty pointless without a way to bring it all together. I am sufficient using Adobe Premire Elements, Adobe After Effects, and Windows movie maker. I can key out effects, slow down footage, and edit sound within video clips.

A saiyan from Dragonball shoots an energy wave. The explosion was editied in.


A dark, plasma energy effect. Looks cool when used in a battle animation. Simply key out the green background and place the effect onto the video layer.

A bright, yellow explosion effect. It's best used when you key out the green background, then scrub the independent  timeline down until theres nothing but the explosion.


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