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Other Animation

Kale Finds Out(Dragonball Parody)

Made using: Adobe Animate(Flash), Adobe After Effects(Editing), Audacity(Sound Design), Maya 2017(Some 3D rendering)

This cartoon was developed in about 2-3 months with planning and story boards. The storyboard was very simple, and even had a few jokes that found their way into the finished animation. This parody is making fun of one of the characters : Kale from Dragonball: Super. Kale was created as a homage to another character: Broly, and it was revealed that Broly was coming back.

Crying Boy 3D

Made Using:

Maya (version 2018) , Adobe Photoshop CC, Adobe Aftereffects.

This 3D animation was modeled and rendered in the software known as Autodesk: Maya. The rigg used in this video is known as the "Andy Rigg". The Andy Rigg is a model that can change when you move the slider from left to right. From male to female. Using this model, I animated it in a way that depicts the boy crying and sobbing. This animation can be used in games, educational videos, and 3D animations. The purpose of this is to express different emotions using a 3D character.

Various Emotions 3D

Made Using: Autodesk Maya (version 2018), Adobe Photoshop CC, and Adobe After Effects.

These collections of animations display a number of animations using Maya to animate a 3D model. The emotions displayed are anger, fear, sadness, joy, surprise, and disgust. These animations took 3 days to make. I enjoyed these animations due to the colorful expressions you can make along a timeline. There is a total of 612 frames of animation that made up this project.

Looping GIF Animation

Made Using: Autodesk Sketchbook, Adobe Animate

This is a looping GIF animation of one of my characters named Quin Moore. He's a child with telekinetic powers. In this animation, he's moving around a coin in between his fingers while the wind is blowing. It took me  15 minutes to draw and animate it.

3D Looping 'Naruto Run'

Made Using:  Maya 2018, Andy Rigg, Adobe Photoshop CC 2017

Here's an animation that was made to mimic the running animation that is commonly used in the Japanese Anime: Naruto and Naruto: Shippudden. This animation is running at 30 fps.(Frames per Second) In the anime, 

Delayed Sword Intro Animation

Made Using: MacroMedia Flash 8 Pro, Adobe After Effects 2011

This project takes me way back. I made this 4 years ago when I used to develop flash games. The name of the game is Delayed Sword. The story and concept of the game is very silly and goofy, but might be a little fun if you're into that. You can still play this game on Newgrounds. Just go to the search bar, (on Newgrounds) and type Delayed Sword.

This is all current animation.

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