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Game Development

Tasty Pastries


Tasty Pastries is a First-Person Baking Simulator where the player steps into the shoes of a pastry chef who makes cakes, cookies, and pies for a variety of customers. The game was developed in eight weeks with a team of me and six other talented individuals. I modeled the oven, kitchen utensils,pots, pans, backgrounds, one of the mascots, and even some of the cakes and cookies that can be made.

This is the official first trailer for Tasty Pastries. This trailer gives a brief overview of all the features, game play, controls, and settings.

Delayed Sword

Here is video game play of Delayed Sword. This is footage of me playing, but with this 2 minute video, you get an idea of what type of action platformer this game is. Since the game was developed using Macromedia Flash 8, the graphics were rendered with 2D vector graphics and photoshopped png images. The main character (Essha) is a movieclip with different animations within it. When the user presses a button on the keyboard, the programming tells Essha what to do.

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